The Offices within ERS provide a range of training for faculty, students, and staff, including:


Registration: Unless otherwise noted, call EHS (541) 346-3192.


Asbestos Awareness

The asbestos program is designed to protect the campus community from potential asbestos hazards and to ensure that asbestos-containing materials (ACM’S) are maintained, removed, and handled in compliance with state and local asbestos regulations. Learn more on the Asbestos Management Program webpage.

Biosafety Program

The Biosafety Program assists in protecting faculty, staff and students from exposure to biohazardous materials, guards against the release of biohazardous materials that may harm humans, animals, or the environment, and protects the integrity of experimental materials. Learn more on the Biosafety Program webpage.

Bloodborne Pathogens
This class is required for UO employees who may come into contact with blood or bodily fluids as a course of their job duites. Generally those individuals have been designated by their supervisor. This class is required initially and annually thereafter; registration is through Making Tracks. Learn more on the Bloodborne Pathogens webpage.

Confined Space Entrant and Attendant
This class is designed for those individuals who will be entering spaces designated as "confined spaces". Generally, those individuals have been identified by their supervisors.
  Learn more on the Confined Space Entry Program webpage.

CPR, AED, and First Aid
Medic First Aid CPR, AED, and First Aid classes are offered to University faculty and staff only. Those with job assignments requiring training will receive priority. Learn more on the CPR, AED, and First Aid webpage.

Driver Training
Only persons with a valid driver's license and university driver certification card will be authorized to drive a motor vehicle for university business purposes. The driver certification process is governed by Oregon Administrative Rules (571-010-0110) and applies to state-owned vehicles and hired or borrowed vehicles used on university business travel. Requests for certification may be made by authorized department personnel. The forms are available from the University Police Department or by using the Driver Certification Request online form. Van Driver Certifications are also required for anyone driving ANY van (owned, rented, or borrowed) for University sanctioned travel. Van training is a one-time certification that is valid indefinitely. Learn more on the Driver Certification & Training webpage.

Fall Protection Training
This class is designed for people working on elevated unguarded surfaces more than 10 feet above a lower level.  Generally, those persons who will be working above 10 feet have been identified by their supervisors. NOTE:  Working from portable ladders at or above 10 feet does not require fall protection. This class is for both first-time persons and for persons needing refresher training.  Those attending the class are asked to bring their fall protection equipment (harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, etc.) to the class. Learn more on the Fall Protection webpage.

Fire Extinguisher Safety  
Environmental Health and Safety offers training in the use of handheld fire extinguishers. The class is tailored to participant needs and lasts approximately one hour. Actual class length depends on the number of attendees.

Laboratory Safety  
This three-hour class is designed for individuals whowork in scientific laboratory environments. This class is for new graduate students, other laboratory workers new to the UO, and as a regular refresher for existing staff. Learn more on the Laboratory Safety webpage.

Lead Awareness  
This class is for those who work with or are exposed to lead in the workplace. Training will cover health hazards, hazard recognition, protective and exposure-prevention measures, and regulation requirements. Learn more on the Lead Exposure Protection Program webpage.

Personal Preparedness Training  
The Office of Emergency Management and Continuity provides training in personal emergency preparedness, including proper earthquake response and assembling 72-hour home emergency kits. UOEMC also provides worksite safety protocols and procedures training for departments and units within the University, so that offices and classrooms can remain safe and respond effectively in an emergency. 

  • Contact: Krista Dillon (contact Krista for Registration), (541) 346-3588

Radiation Safety

This three-hour class will provide a basic understanding of radiation safety principles and practices, and explain required procedures for all users of radiation at the University. The class is tailored to persons who will work with radioactive materials, or who frequent  areas where sources of ionizing radiation exist. Classes are available during the first month of every academic quarter (October, January, April, July).

Course participants are provided a detailed Powerpoint tutorial after registration to a class. A thirty minute exam on this material is presented at the beginning of the class, and a minimum passing score of 70% is required. The remainder of the class is dedicated to presentations from the Radiation Safety office, Q&A, and hands-on practice with radiation sources and instrumentation.

Refresher safety training is offered on-line using Skillsoft, and University-specific procedures and requirements are available for reference within the Radiation Safety Manual (

Register into scheduled classes by clicking this link:

  • Contact the Radiation Safety Officer (Steve Stuckmeyer,, 541-346-3197) with questions

Respiratory Protection
This one-hour class covers the basics about the Respiratory Protection Program, including responsibilities, program functions, steps to get a respirator, use and care of a respirator, and when special training and equipment is necessary. Faculty, staff, and students must attend the class before using a respirator on campus. Must be requested by faculty members or supervisors. Learn more on the Respitatory Protection Program webpage.

Shipping Biological Materials and Dry Ice 

Training is required for shipping the following materials off campus: genetically modified organisms, pathogenic or infectious agents, and patient (human) specimens. Shipping dry ice also requires training and is included in this 30-minute session. To determine whether your materials fall under the scope of the regulations, or to receive training, contact the Biosafety Officer.  Learn more on Shipping by Contract Carrier.

Contact Hallie Hoskins, (541) 346-3476

Shipping Chemicals (Dangerous Goods)

Training is required for shipping all materials regulated as Dangerous Goods (49 CFR Part 172 and IATA). This includes listed materials (such as chemicals and solvents) and unlisted materials exhibiting hazardous characteristics.  It is important to note that regulatory exemptions exist for many materials shipped in small quantities; however, training to identify these exemptions is required.  To determine whether your materials fall under the scope of the regulations, or to receive training, contact the Chemical Safety Officer. Learn more on Shipping by Contract Carrier.

Contact Steve Stuckmeyer, (541) 346-3197

Supervisor Hazard Communications  
This class is designed for supervisors or others who are department-designated Hazard Communications Trainers. The class covers a sample training program as well as departmental and University responsibilities to maintain compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard. Learn more on the Hazard Communication Program webpage.


Violence Prevention and Active Shooter 
The training covers: potential warning signs for violent behavior, a video illustrating options for individuals facing with an incident of violence on campus, information about UO Police's response capabilities for incidents of violence, and an overview of preparedness activities at the campus wide level and steps that departments and individuals can take to be better prepared. Duck ID log in required to access training videos. Violence Prevention and Active Shooter videos.

Additional Emergency Management Training Opportunities